Pour-over coffee

So…I’m a coffee nut. I’m in for the whole experience, taking what seem like silly amounts of time to research, purchase, and test coffee and coffee gear. Trying different combos of merchants, gear and coffee — I really do spend too much time on this. But have no intentions of stopping.
Never mind the amount of time I spend making & drinking the stuff…

Anyhoo, we’ve own lots of coffee makers (a couple regular drip machines, a Starbucks espresso maker, an Aeropress, multiple French presses, and a 1-cup Swiss Gold pour over).

But it’s pour-over coffee that has a hold on me lately. I like the simplicity and elemental nature of it. And the easy cleanup.
Above those considerations though, is the powerful, clear coffee taste from pour-overs — that’s what I like best.

So, my next purchase will be a Chemex pour-over coffee maker. Check it out in this video if you are so inclined:


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