Sep 12

Video: Magic Carpet – Daniel Wurtzel

Video done of a sheet of red fabric dancing in a vortex of air created by a circle of fans.
Simple & beautiful — the American Beauty soundtrack music is a nice touch…

Aug 12

Kitty Pryde & Riff Raff – “Orion’s Belt” (Official Video)

I can’t believe I like this tune…I don’t even…what the heck has happened to me?…;)
It is pretty awesome though.

Jun 12

All Plastics Are Bad for Your Body, New Study Finds

Time to stop using plastics, if you haven’t already…

Excerpt from the Rodale article:
“WHAT IT MEANS: There really aren’t any “safer” plastics, and it’s hard to predict which ones will leach estrogenic chemicals into your food. As this study shows, different plastics containing different types of foods will leach chemicals at different levels. That’s largely because there are so many steps and additives in the plastic-making process, says George Bittner, PhD, professor of biology at the University of Texas in Austin and lead author of the study. “A plastic item can subsist of anywhere from five to 20 chemicals, some of which are additives, which are incorporated within the plastic polymer but not bound to the structure,” he says. Both the materials that make up the plastic resin and the additives can leach out of plastics, says Bittner, who’s also the CEO of CertiChem, the lab that tested the plastics in this study, and a consultant for PlastiPure, a company that works with plastic manufacturers to produce estrogenic-chemical-free plastics. You also have mold-release agents and colorants that are used to make or decorate the plastics, adds Mike Usey, CEO of PlastiPure, and those colorants tend to be highly estrogenic.”

Jun 12

Starbuck And Starbuck in Starbucks

Yo Dawg, we heard you like Starbucks, so we added a Starbuck and a Starbuck to your Starbucks…

Jun 11

From Dust to Edge: Making a blade from scratch

Jesus Hernandez makes a Japanese tanto (knife) from scratch, starting from ore, making a smelter, smelting, going to his smithy, forging, folding, etc.
His fascinating “From Dust to Edge” step-by-step tutorial illustrates all the steps involved, with lots of great photos of his process. Love the final part showing the Damascus-steel like patterning he acheived (‘hada’ is the Japanese term for this patterning, if I read him correctly.

Very cool read.