Sep 12

Video: Magic Carpet – Daniel Wurtzel

Video done of a sheet of red fabric dancing in a vortex of air created by a circle of fans.
Simple & beautiful — the American Beauty soundtrack music is a nice touch…

Jun 11

From Dust to Edge: Making a blade from scratch

Jesus Hernandez makes a Japanese tanto (knife) from scratch, starting from ore, making a smelter, smelting, going to his smithy, forging, folding, etc.
His fascinating “From Dust to Edge” step-by-step tutorial illustrates all the steps involved, with lots of great photos of his process. Love the final part showing the Damascus-steel like patterning he acheived (‘hada’ is the Japanese term for this patterning, if I read him correctly.

Very cool read.

Apr 11

What is being creative?

I like this: Creativity…

the ability and urge to make something of value

What is being creative? from Kristian Ulrich Larsen on Vimeo.

creativity is no longer a word reserved for the musician or artist
it’s something you can find in anyone
it’s the ability and urge to make something of value
it can be big
it can be small
but making something new
something different
something that surprises
something that makes you think
something that makes you smile
it’s making something beautiful
it’s telling a story
it’s telling your story
expressing yourself
it’s about being passionate
it’s creating something that other people can use
sharing your creativity
it’s realising that there isn’t always a right way or a wrong way of doing things
and that there’s not always a correct answer
only the answers that we create
but common for creativity is that is comes from inspiration
inspiration found in the world that we live in
and the people we live with
it’s found in what we share with them
building on what’s given from the diversity of people’s thoughts and perspectives
so try and drop the assumption that you know how to do things
and already know the solution
stray away from the direct path
take risks
don’t be afraid to make mistakes
because it’s only from the mistakes that we learn
and it’s from the mistakes that the really interesting things happen
we may not always create or invent
but we always learn when we try

Kristian Ulrich Larsen

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Jan 11

The Importance of Abandoning Crap

Great insight from Ira Glass on the creative process and failure as a means to getting to great stuff

The linked video is short, around 4min, and totally worth viewing if you are the type of person that creates anything…

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Jan 10

Flying through rainbows (sadly, no unicorns)

Shadow of AC402 over Québec somewhere, flying through a rainbow!