About Me

A page wherein I make meaningful, pithy remarks about myself…

The short version:

Hi I’m Lance, I like all sorts of creative, mind-challenging stuff. Maybe you do too?

and here’s the verbose “about me”:

Lance Mohring. Creative tech guy. I read & write books, play & listen to music, enjoy good food & drink, life, philosophy, etc.
Pretty standard stuff, really — to quote Dr. Evil.

Professionally I design and make products and services that are generally associated with the Internet. Things like: social/marketing/commerce websites, local search sites & apps, mobile apps, data & data mining apps for local search, competitive intelligence, SEO, and advertising.
I own an Interactive services & products company in Kitchener Ontario that does all that sort of stuff. It’s called Stunray Interactive.

This blog is an outlet for the union of the personal & professional interests implied above, so expect to see my thoughts on wine right beside posts on databases, entrepeneurship, SEO, music, books, guitars, and so on…

I write this for no one but me, really. But it’s cool that you came along — hi!

So, cheers…and thanks for stopping by.
Feel free to send me an email.