May 10

Best music mash-up EVER

Rick Astley & Nirvana work waaaay too well together … so confused and conflicted

May 10

Some pretty amazing stuff happening for people with Type 1 Diabetes

From insulin in pill form to artifical pancreas efforts

Even though the former is still a ways away and the latter is no cure, it gives me hope that we may see a cure in my lifetime, and that my daughter’s quality of life can be decent. I shudder when I think of the lives of diabetics before insulin, let alone before the JDRF, glucometers, inuline pumps and the other advanced gear & techniques we have today.

For the ongoing effort against this terrible disease, tonight, I’ll open a beer and drink to science and the dedication of those in diabetes R&D…again; — rock on all!

May 10

If a cogent, succint, non-philosophical argument against the death penalty exists, it is this…

That you cannot kill innocent people!
8 People Who Were Executed and Later Found Innocent

Whether or not you ‘buy’ that any of the people in that article were, or were not innocent, the key fact is this — and we all know this in our hearts — that innocent people get ground up in Capital Punishment machines.

It has got to stop, OK world?