Aug 09

Discerning the shape in the fog

What is the real outline of the hours and actions one pursues?

There may be a purpose you believe you follow, or maybe you just respond to the stimulii provided?
Or maybe, for you (for us all?), there is another guide pointing out what you are really following.
An underlying or looming, indistinct shape. A tiny figure…or maybe titanic but remote…

One may ask again and again: what is it? Ask again…and again…and again.
What follow, if anything does? A deepening silence, confusion, frustration?
Maybe, if one is persistent, and lucky — some small reward.

So one tries to discern critical ‘why’s and ‘what’s? Why bother at all?
Examine the brushstrokes up close, the painting is lost at that point.

If you actions are your self-portrait … are you satisfied?

Aug 09

A new food deity has arisen

Paris. Beef bourguignon at Auberge de la Reine Blanche. Fantastic. ’nuff said

Aug 09

2005 Abadia Crianza

Our first Spanish red wine, from Raimat. We enjoyed this blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Tempranillo grapes. Fruity with a long finish. Like a beaujolais…but not. Different and very nice wine.
Recommended. Angelique loved and would likely say case-worthy. Not me. Worth a few bottles though 😉

Lance — from mobile

Aug 09

Random text found last week…

FOLLOW to relieve responsibility

OBEY so you don’t have to think

CONSUME without restraint

COMPETE so you feel successful

KILL those different than yourself

DESTROY what you don’t understand

MORALITY you need to be told what’s right and wrong

GOD because no one else really cares about you

MONEY to keep government in total control

MATERIALISM so you forget what’s really important

IGNORANCE is bliss

Aug 09

2006 Vinsobres

From Perrin & Fils.
Nice Cotes de Rhones, reminded me of some of my very first, similar wines in 1989. Solid, sipping wine. We had with St.Morgon cheese and bread. Great combo. Recommended. Around $16 at LCBO.
— from mobile